The contents on this website are entirely my opinion only.

Unless otherwise stated, nothing here is deeply or thoroughly researched, studied, or pondered upon. This is a blog, not a reference book.

Especially with material related to Christianity, whilst I am reasonably well-read, have attended some courses here and there, and watched some online teachings, I am not a Bible scholar of any level, and even less so regarding other religions. None of this is meant to be authoritative.

I am an addict. Specifically a sex addict, specifically with porn.

I generally subscribe to the Twelve Steps as espoused by Alcoholics Anonymous, and I do agree with most of what is written in the Big Book of AA. However, my own recovery is patchy – I do not have years of sobriety, nor have I become some sort of guru. All I can say is that I am better than before, and intend to stay that way and keep improving.

The purpose of this blog is to be helpful to others, particularly addicts. And if anyone benefits from some of this some of the time, then this would have served its purpose.

Take what you like and leave the rest. Feel free to ask questions, give comments or even add to this blog if you feel moved to. Only try to do it in a spirit of helpfulness to others, and things will work out. Thank you.

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