About God

The title should more accurately be “what I think about God”.

As in other parts of the blog, I emphasize I have no theological, philosophical or academic training. No professional experience with clergy or church, let alone other religions. I do not claim any knowledge or authority about the topic of “God” other than my own experience and opinion.

And even that changes every few months or so.

In the meantime, when I say “God” here, I refer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as revealed in the Bible. If this statement in itself makes you choke up in outrage and indignation – welcome to the club. I sometimes feel the same way too.

Just because I do believe in this God, it doesn’t mean I’m necessarily happy to have to do so. In fact, this is what this section is about. To discuss things about God/gods/Higher Powers etc.

To complete my background, I fall into the Protestant Christian label. Raised in a Methodist background, and generally “conservative” in doctrine. (Just to clarify, I have no particular political affiliations in this.)

That means I do believe that the historical person of Jesus did exist; That the Bible is an accurate historical account of what happened; That what Jesus claimed about himself was and is true. That he is the second person in the Trinity, fully God and yet fully man when he came to earth. And he did this specifically to die on the cross to pay for my sins. Then he rose again, spoke to many people before ascending to heaven where he is now. And he will come again for the final judgment at the right time.

If the above bit makes you choke up with even more outrage and indignation, again, welcome to the club. I do believe in it, but often it’s a grudging acceptance rather than a happy-clappy response. Therefore, I think it is perfectly reasonable for anyone who doesn’t believe in this to be even more annoyed at such talk.

I mean, if I find my own religion offensive, how can you not?

Feel free to read on, feel free to disagree and comment and ask. I won’t have all the answers obviously, but if this becomes a forum where people can discuss their views freely and safely, without the aggravation of getting slammed by rigid-minded thinkers (on both sides) then maybe something good can come out of this.

I pray this will be so. And if there is a God like I believe, then He will help it be so. If there is no god after all, then there is no one to be offended I got it wrong.

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